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It was 6 A.M. Justin slowly rolled out of bed, shuffled to the coffee pot, and sleepily pressed the “On” button. As if on autopilot, his right hand immediately reached toward the cupboard, and he pulled down a plate. His wife and kids would wake up in about an hour and would demand his attention.  For now though, he would drink some coffee and have his usual egg and toast. He opened the refrigerator and realized they were out of eggs. “Well, I guess today I’m going to the store.” He said to himself. He closed the door and contemplated what to do. Suddenly, he was struck by an old childhood memory of a meal his mother made for him. He exchanged his plate for a bowl and poured some steel-cut oatmeal into it. He added just enough milk to create a thick rich porridge microwaved it for about a minute. Then, like his mother did for him, he took out a jar of honey and drew a smiley face onto of the oats. As he looked at the smiling bowl of oatmeal, nostalgia swept over his mind and he drifted to those days long ago. He soon found himself thinking about his legacy, and the life he is providing for his kids. He studied the refrigerator and the walls of his house. Everywhere he looked he saw the beauty of his life. Summer photos and winter report cards littered his fridge. Some trophies and ribbons were nestled against a school art project he helped his kids make. Like the face in his oatmeal, he smiled as he realized his legacy is his beautiful wife and his amazing kids. He decided to make ready three more bowls. Today he will make his mom’s famous oatmeal for his family, and add to his legacy.

Legacy Bar (Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey)

  • Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor), Fragrance oil, water, sodium hydroxide, Color ( Titanium Dioxide )

  • Our  cold process soap is made with care and love. While the formula for evey bar remains the same, color and patterns in the bar will vary per bar. Since every bar of soap is hand crafted, the actual net weight will vary slightly. However each standard size bar and large puzzle piece at about 4.5 oz.

    At Bearstone Soaps we like to think of the unique characteristics of each bar as an expression of how unique  each of our customers are. 

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