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Joey was up against the ropes. His job just announced mandatory overtime so there he now has less time for his family. He is struggling to understand his son’s autism diagnosis. and is inundated with trying to establish physical, occupational, feeding and swallowing, recreational and other therapy services. He’s on the phone trying to fight the rejected insurance claims and right now, he is stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Joey feels helpless and defeated. He wants the best for his son but, concedes that he is just one guy and can’t do this anymore. It’s too much. His fight or flight instinct is triggered, and he physically looks around for an escape route. Just then, Joey’s phone buzzes with an incoming picture message of his son trying his best to say “Da da”. To most people it would be inconsequential, but to Joey and his wife, this was a huge milestone in his nonverbal son’s life. Joey realized that without him, his son would have to fight his fight all by himself. Joey simply could not let that happen. He stared at his son’s picture and said aloud, “You will never walk alone.” This was the pledge he had given after learning his son’s diagnosis. Joey wished he didn’t have to keep engaging with the endless barrage of admin and paperwork issues. “However,” Joey reasoned, “If I don’t, who will?” With that, Joey’s inner strength began to shine. His strength fueled his grit and determination. With a renewed sense of resolve and a newfound strength, Joey made a new pledge, “I will always find a way. Even when there doesn’t seem to be a way…I’ll find it!”

Strength Bar (Oudh)